Core Transactional Service

Our Main Service to You

  • Free initial meeting to assess your circumstances, attitude towards risk and financial planning needs, in order to make suitable recommendations
  • Recommendations made, following extensive use of a wide range of independent research tools
  • Implementation of our recommendations, once agreed with you
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning Report detailing the reasons for our recommendations, tax considerations, risks and other planning areas to be addressed


  • An annual valuation on request
  • Additional face-to-face access to your adviser, should circumstances require it (additional charges will apply and will be disclosed before the meeting)


  • Phone calls and emails returned within 48 hours


  • Identifying potential insurable risks to protect your assets, debts, liabilities and financial dependants.
  • Reviewing any existing plans to ensure they are still suitable for your needs.

Wealth Accumulation

  • ISA provider and fund selection
  • Guidance on how to save in most tax efficient manner.

Our Fees

  • Initial Adviser Charge: 3% of investment (for example - £15,000 investment = £450 initial fee)
  • Annual Adviser Charge: 1% of investment portfolio value (for example - a £15,000 portfolio would cost £150 per annum if a platform using multiple funds is recommended), or 0.5% of investment portfolio value (for example a £15,000 portfolio would cost £75 per annum)