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Client Service Area Explained

When you become a client, we will allocate you with a login and password, which will allow you access to our secure Client Service Area.

Here you can access a range of tools, as follows:

Complete or update your personal details
From here you can update and complete your personal details. This will allow us to ensure that your records are kept constantly up-to-date, and will assist in preparation for your regular reviews or meetings with you.
You can add any significant event for which you wish to be reminded. We'll automatically notify you by email, text, or both to make sure you don't miss anything of importance.
Document centre
Securely upload and download documents for our mutual use, or get copies of documents from our firm that can help with a variety of topics. Whenever we issue newsletters we will place them in your secure document area.
Website portal access
Manage portal access for all the people you want to be able to sign-in to your portal, including family members and associates. Your Login details can also be issued or re-issued here.
Wealth Management Service Access
If you have signed up for our Wealth Management Service, once you have logged into the secure Client Services Area, you will be able to click on the appropriate Premier Client Service or Private Client Service login, which will then take you straight through to your individual Wrap account, where you can access up-to-date valuations of your assets held on the platform.
We take the protection of your data extremely very seriously and have a security certificate in place to ensure that your information is protected, so nobody else can see it. This keeps our website secure, and you can be confident that your information remains safe. Our Client Services Area resides on a Secure Server using a minimum of 128 bit encryption. For more information regarding Data Protection, please refer to our Client Agreement.
Secure Messaging
You can contact us using our secure message service, so, for example, if you needed to send us your identity documentation, you can be sure that your details are sent securely.

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